Thickness 5/8” nominal.  Flat surface, wire cut extruded clay tiles.




Nominal Size

4×4 3 3/4 x 3 3/4
4×8 3 3/4 x 7 3/4
6×6 5 3/4 x 5 3/4
6×12 5 3/4 x 11 3/4


Boutique Boards

WQMBB1 Monrovia Color Chip Board
WQMBB2 4×4/4×8 Avalon with Chair Rail
WQMBB3 4×4 Monrovia Avalon Blend
WQMBB4 4×4 Avalon with Chair Rail
WQMBB5 4×8 Monrovia Walnut Spice
WQMBB6 4×8 Monrovia Yellowstone
WQMBB7 4×4 Monrovia Walteria Blend
WWQMBB8 4×4 Monrovia Calico Blend

Grout Boards


WQMGB1 Monrovia Red
WQMGB2 Braun
WQMGB3 Red with Studio Deco


WQMGB4 Hazard County Orange
WQMGB5 Copper
WQMGB6 Walnut Spice
WQMGB7 Red Iron
WQMGB8 Spanish Brown
WQMGB9 Cobalt Matte
WQMGB10 Light Copper
WQMgb11 Apple Valley Red
WQMGB12 Buckskin
WQMGB13 Yellowstone


WQMGB14 Calico
WQMGB15 Avalon
WQMGB16 Walteria



Clay sourced from California and includes 33% recycled post industrial.


CSI Specifications:

09 30 13 Quarry Tile



Western Quarry products can contribute to LEED rating system certification in a variety of credit areas.

  • MR 5.1/5.2 Regional Materials
  • ID Credit 1-4 Innovation in Design


4 thoughts on “Monrovia”

  1. We need 10 in by 10 in or 25.4 cm square terracotta tiles (Preferably Porcelain) for a repair job in our garage. The present tile has a thickness in the range of 0.300 – 0.330 inches. The present tiles appear to be glazed. The area to be covered is 33 inches x 20 ft or 240 inches. However, only about 40% of that area is covered with damaged tile so if a smaller amount was available, could do the job.

    Looks like about six sq yards. or six sq meters/

    I came across your company doing a google search for 10 in terracotta tiles..

  2. Hello, I am interested in your Monrovia Red tile 12X12 in addition to some stair tread tile, but I would like a sample. I live in Santa Fe, NM. Will I need to visit your distributor in California or is if possible for you to send a sample? If I decide to purchase tile I would need approximately 3000 sq feet, what do you charge per sq foot?

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