Concept Boards

 Boutique Boards

WQMBB1 Monrovia Color Chip Board
WQMBB2 4x4/4x8 Avalon with Chair Rail
WQMBB3 4x4 Monrovia Avalon Blend
WQMBB4 4x4 Avalon with Chair Rail
WQMBB5 4x8 Monrovia Walnut Spice
WQMBB6 4x8 Monrovia Yellowstone
WQMBB7 4x4 Monrovia Walteria Blend
WWQMBB8 4x4 Monrovia Calico Blend

Monrovia Series


are extruded and wire cut.  They feature a flat surface and rustic edges.  See the glazed and unglazed colors below.

Monrovia Red
Monrovia Braun
Monrovia Red
Hazard County Orange
Walnut Spice
Spanish Brown
Red Iron
Colblat Matte
Light Copper
Apple Valley Red


WQ Classic Series

They feature a pillowed edge and round corners.  They have the same color pallet at the Monrovia Series due to the manufacturing process  will look different on them.

WQ Classic Red
WQ Calssic Red
WQ Classic Red Iron
WQ Classic Walnut Spice
WQ Classic Buckskin
WQ Calssic Spanish Brown
WQ Classic Light Copper

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